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We recommend house kits for homes of a smaller area, garden sheds or houses, or offices.  These types of houses are mass-produced, but we also accept unique orders. Before mounting, these houses need a full-area solid concrete foundation and tar floor insulation.

The wall thickness of these houses produced by us is 25, 40 or 70 mm.

They are meant for the following purposes:

- garden houses
- sheds
- holiday homes (in insulated variants)
- garages
- offices
- watchman’s cabins
- kiosks  

They are not painted; we do the mounting in case of special requests. We pack the smaller houses into one bundle, so that they are easier to handle. 

Houses with 25 mm wall thickness: produced with simple joints, the maximum recommended size is 3x3 m. We do not recommend heavy roofing in them (tiles, corrugated asbestos), the most commonly used materials for covering are asphalt shingle or onduline. We do not mount a ceiling in case of a 25 mm wall thickness (the roofing can be seen from the inside). These houses need a full-area concrete foundation.

The floor is 20-25 mm thick according to the customer’s need, made of 40x60 mm studs, placed on concrete, to which the strip floor is mounted. The side-walls must be placed onto the top of the 40x60 mm studs. The roofing is supported by 40x(100-120) mm bearers, onto which wainscot is fitted with its right-side looking down. Asphalt felt is fitted onto the wainscot, then the asphalt shingles are mounted to it. 

Houses of 40 mm wall thickness are produced with double joints; the maximum recommended size is 5x10 m. This type can also be insulated: by fitting 30, 50 or 100 mm distance bars from the inside, into the width of which the insulation material (polystyrene or fibreglass felt) is mounted. Wainscot or plasterboard is fitted to the distance bars. In case they are produced in the insulated version, we deliver them with 68-mm thick 3-ply double glazed (doors and) windows. 

Our houses with a 70-mm wall thickness are recommended as holiday homes. The advised maximum size is 8x12 m. It is mounted onto a full-area solid concrete foundation.

The walls may be insulated in a 30-150 mm thickness. In case they are produced in the insulated version, we deliver them with 68-mm thick 3-ply double glazed (doors and) windows. As soon as the house is set up, it can be fitted from the inside with 30-150-mm-thick distance bars using screw nails; the insulation material (polystyrene or fibreglass felt) is mounted onto these; then, this is covered with wainscot or plasterboard from the inside. 

The ceiling may be built with visible stratified beams, onto which the wainscot is attached right-side down. The distance bars are also fitted to hold the insulation and a 25-mm-thick strip floor. The dimensions of the visible beams may be of 8x12 or 14x24 mm, depending on their span. 

The ceiling may also be built with invisible beams, wainscot looking down, insulation between the beams (polystyrene or fibreglass felt), and a 25-mm-thick strip floor. 

With possible attic conversion, as well. The transverse section of the principals varies from 5x11 to 7.5x14 cm.

These houses may be applied any kind of roofing.








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